Arun Hooda for MLA ( Haryana )

A Man is but Product of His thoughts. What He thinks, He becomes. - By Mahatma Gandhi

Let us portray the recognition of the dynamic talent with proven credentials in the political arena of a sincere and simple personality that is none other than Shri Arun Hooda. Undoubtedly, he is a young leader who is dedicated to serve the society and common people. He always strive to work for the poor and common people. He is well educated, honest, optimist, ethical and well equipped with the skills to address the core issues.
At young age, he won the elections of Delhi University with a record margin and worked round the clock for the students. He has always been determined to promote consciousness amongst the students about the events taking place so as to equip them with the abstract qualities of a responsible and educated citizen. His tremendous hard work not only earned self-satisfaction but also uplifted the students community.

B.Tech (MDU)
LLM (Pursuing ).

Political career:
He was elected as the President of Delhi University Student Union (DUSU) 2O12-13 and worked for betterment of students. He led many agitation programs: hunger strikes, gender equality and woman empowerment, innaugration of u-special bus service, road safety awareness programs and Delhi University job fair for achieving his vision of a better society.Prior to joining politics, he worked as a Pilot in Indian Air Force. He is a cricket fan,spirited sports person and played Soft Ball at National level.

Family background
Born in a respectable and reputed family from Rohtak, His father, Shri Ajay Pal Hooda (Tillu), is the Presidnet of the Central Cooperative Bank Employees Federation of Haryana and mother, Smt. Santosh Hooda is Chairperson of the Rohtak Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.. His grandfather being Shri Hari Singh Hooda, Chairman-Marketing Board, Rohtak.second grandfather, Capt. Chhatar Singh Hooda–Chairman, Hafed. Hooda family is committed towards serving the society and always worked for the people by associating with Congress since long.

Shri Arun Hooda, definitely, is the most eligible candidate who would bring complete justice as an MLA and has the potential to fastrack the development of Haryana. It is our responsibility to elect the right person like him.
So let us all make a collective effort to shape up the future of our youth as we The Youth Of Our Nation are The Future Of Our Nation.
We earnestly urge the CONGRESS party to nominate his candidature for the constituency of Rohtak/Sonepat/Gohana for the forthcoming assembly polls in Haryana State (2014).