Pinecrest Marketplace

New & Pending Member Requests,
Upon entry you MUST read the RULES & Guidelines located in the FILES section. If you are not interested in following these rules you cannot participate in Pinecrest Marketplace. You will be removed after 1 warning of not following the rules.

TO speed up your pending request: Please make sure you provide a full first and last name (no business names or nicknames allowed), a profile picture, as well as your specific TOWN (not just Miami) in your facebook profile. Please open up your settings from strict to basic and make sure your city is visible. There is a long waiting list so please be patient or email me directly at [email protected] with approximately when you requested, what area you live in, and who referred you to the group.

*** If you have been denied it means you are out of area, your profile is blocked or not visible, or you have no mutual friends in the group. It is at the moderator's discretion to approve, ignore, or remove members.

Pinecrest Marketplace is an exclusive, invitation only, online sales group that allows you and your local friends to buy and sell lightly used and like new goods. Think designer items like shoes, handbags, apparel, items for the home like furniture and electronics, and, of course, everything that your kids need, or don't need anymore. The concept is simple: your friends and those 1-2 steps removed from each other get to meet, mingle, spend some money and/or make some money, all in a friendly, social and safe way. We encourage all of you to invite your friends that are WITHIN the permitted geographic area as set forth by your moderator. The more members, the more powerful the marketplace. If you go to the upper right corner of the page you can enter a friends name and click "invite". No shipping, no searching, no stress, great goods, more money.