Powell River Swap 'N Shop


Our website is www.swapnshop.me

This is a place to have some fun, recycle things, to meet your neighbours, and enjoy a central place to learn about the community.


The only way to be accepted to this group is to be showing 5 friends in the group and be living in Powell River. Your privacy settings may prevent us from seeing if you have friends in the group, so your request will not be approved under any circumstances. Please do not write in, or post to the board about a friend your trying to get in the group. It may take a while to be accepted.

There isn't many rules about how you decide list things, or how you decide to take an offer. You might want to go by highest offer, 1st one that shows up with the cash, or other. It is just a community message board. You are fully expected to follow threw with your agreements, you might otherwise get banned.


1. Bump only once every 24hrs.

2. No slander, gossip or feedback about buyers and sellers will be allowed on this site of any kind.

3. Relevant community events, small business ads, tourist questions, and things like lost pets or community emergencies are encouraged to be posted.

4. No discussion about the administration of the Swap N Shop on the board. Any questions should be directed to the Admin in a private message.

Buy using the Swap N' Shop, you promise in no way to hold responsible any of the Admins for anything that results of the usage of this public Facebook page. All transactions are private matters.

We make every effort to remove negative posts, but this may take any amount of time for us to find and correct this problem, this site is not monitored constantly.

You may use this site only at YOUR OWN RISK. We reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason anytime.

** please note, your posts may be viewable on our website www.swapnshop.me, and may be published in print form. If you do not agree to this, please do not post in this group.