St. Andrew's Church High School, Lahore

St. Andrew's Church (also known as The Railway Church) in Lahore, Pakistan, was built by the British in 1899, for the Christian employees of the Railways, in the Neo-Gothic style of architecture that was prevalent at the time.
Positioned on 15 Empress Road Lahore, Pakistan. St: Andrew's stands erect with pride of educating thousands of students over a period of several decades. The group is for all former and existing St: Andrew's Alumni and teachers. To catch up, discuss and share their memorable high school stories. To share school years' images and beyond. We have all grown up witnessing LDBE debates, LDBE sports weeks, Assembly time prayer, The P.T, The Canteen, The Christmas celebrations, The slightly shorter Eid Holidays which use to bum us out =), Monsoon rains in the playground, The Basketball matches and much more. .

So, all you who love and been to this legendary school (owing to our memories stapled to it) use this premise to share your memories, images, thoughts and spread the word.