Sussex Newschaser

We request that all discussions be respectful. We will not allow any hateful comments that are discriminatory in any way
. This will result in immediate dismissal.

We also ask that you refrain from using foul language. First time a
warning, second time immediate dismissal.

Pictures of tragedies are not allowed. What we will allow is a fender bender with no injuries or a fire that is not at a personal resident. Nobody needs to read about a lost of any kind on Social Media., if there is a picture that anyone of the Admins thinks is disrespectful, it will be deleted. If there is a post with a little too much info on a tragedy, it will also be deleted. We are not here to “sensationalize” any kind of tragedy.

Names of accident victims/tragedies WILL NOT BE POSTED on here until they have been released by the RCMP or are in the obituaries. Residential civic numbers also are NOT TO BE POSTED on this site.

Any missing persons post must be supported by an RCMP missing person's bulletin. If that cannot be provided, the post will be removed

POST EVENTS or a TOPIC you wish to share or debate, or are you looking for an ANSWER to that QUESTION that has been bothering you. Also to keep the mood light,

**PLEASE** no postings of yard sale items or stuff you're giving away as we're not running a yard sale site.

**NO** Contests, Petitions, unless it is Ok'd by the admin team! They will be removed.

We request that there be no SOLOITIATATION of any kind, no STORE ADS or such.

There will be no postings of POLICE ROAD SIDE CHECKS.

Fridays will be an advertising day for local business in and around Sussex.

THANK YOU’s and, PERSONAL PICS/POST, RANTS are best reserved for your own walls please.

This page will not be used as a PERSONAL WALL. If your conversation is not relevant to what the principle of the page is then it will be deleted.

BASHING the group, or its purpose, is immediate cause for removal from SNC

Before creating a new POST, please SCROLL down to see if has been posted already. DUPLICATE threads make things confusing and clutter up the page and they will be removed without notice.

We monitor ALL the POSTINGS. Should you be in VIOLATION of good taste-you will be DELETED from the group and blocked.
We are not legally responsible for postings you may read.

Please note...if a post has been removed, rest assured that there was a good reason for it.

Please do not challenge us on the open board as that post will be removed as well. Send one of us, Donald Alfred, Joan Babineau, Sabrina Teehan, , Danielle Hall, Tricia Main, Michael Perrie or Sean Morrisey a private message if you feel the need to know why, We will try our best to explain.We do not sit at the computer 24/7 so it may take a bit for one of us to get back to you, but we will get back to you.

Enjoy the Group we are happy to have you!