TV Shows / Movies ( MkvGod/ Torrents/ BoB/ MiniShares etc)

THIS basically started as a fan group of BoB Releases as all of us used to chat with each other on Bobs chat-box..... & this was a way of putting a face to all those conversations.....
NOW its evolved a LOT, we discuss our favorite TV Shows(Both, the old & the new), Movies, heap praises, criticize the bad ones in the same vein, actually we criticize a lot, some might find it a bit excessive :P

THERE'S basically only one rule here, we stick to the English, European & Persian ones(no other foreign languages...., especially Asian).

WE also discuss our lives, most of the times its limited to alcohol, drugs & the opposite sex, after-all our lives are no less than a movie, unless u happen to live like a hermit.

WE also shout out loud if some good Torrent sites have opened their doors for registrations & share invites often. If you dont find anyone giving out invites, just ask for one.

AND one other small rule, We don't celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or shit like that, of actors, actresses, directors etc., u want to wish them, great, then please do send them an email or a post card, and not post it on the group wall.

WE also help each other to get the right torrent files, streaming links...... etc
Basically we talk about anything that connected to TV Shows & Movies, and how we see them from our point of view.

WE also have a thread which is in itself a pocket universe, no rules apply there, u can ramble on anything u like;

Whenever you are posting a Spoiler, if its a post or a comment, do post it in this format, "[SPOILER ALERT] ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________", or any other similar format, If u fail to do so & give away a major component of the plot, then u will be removed from the group without any warning. But if there are spoilers already in the thread/post, then something like a [Spoiler Alert] would suffice. We do not see this as a rule, it falls under the basic etiquette that we expect from members.

AND do look here, before randomly asking for what to watch & what not

SO, if u too love the Shows & Movies, like we do, or yourself, or life in general, then ur at the right fucking place.

PS: We do not rip, we are just a fan group & we dont censor anyone, unless u start spamming.