Wharfedale Sell, Swap or Give Away

This group is for people in the Wharfedale area including Otley,Ilkley, Guiseley, Pool & Burley and surrounding areas to post items they wish to Sell, Swap or Give Away!
This is a community group with the aim to sell items of your own and give away items you may have usually thrown away. As we live in a lovely community, it is important that this group reflects that, which is why all members must adhere to the group rules. If members don't stick to the rules then they will be removed from the group.

Group Rules

1) Be courteous to all members including arranging the collection or delivery of items and on group posts. Please give 1st refusal of an item to the 1st person who shows interest, and 2nd refusal to the 2nd person and so on.
2) Animals are not to be sold on the group. Rehoming rescues to forever homes or missing animal posts are allowed but no selling of pets. Alcohol and cigarettes are not to be sold on the group. We have junior members and this is not the place to sell them.
3) Bumping items will not be tolerated (bumping items is when you comment on your own item to bump it to the top of the page). *N.B.* Bumped items will be removed and persistent 'bumpers' will be removed from the group.
4) A maximum of 3 posts in one day please. This can be 3 single posts or 3 albums.
5) Please delete your post after the item is sold or given away.
6) Please state an actual price for an item, rather than 'offers'.
7) Businesses are not allowed to advertise on the group and only registered charities are allowed to advertise fundraising initiatives on the group.
8 ) Do not disclose your mobile number or address on the main wall for security reasons.
9) Please do not involve the admins or other group members in any personal dispute, please deal with this privately. *N.B. this includes posting on the group naming another member in a negative way.
10) Above all else....please use your common sense!

Enjoy the group!
Amie, Olwen, Lisa, & Mel