Young Naturists & Nudists America

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To learn more about YNA & the love, visit our website at:
We welcome naturists, young & old*, to join this group. Or if you're new to it all & just curious, that's okay too!
If you are new, check out our FAQ page:
We have secret groups for YNA Upstate NY & YNA Tri-State as well as a women-only group & a men-only group. Contact an admin ( is one) if you'd like to join one of these groups.
Please see below about group rules & guidelines.

READ THIS BEFORE YOU REQUEST TO JOIN: We get 30+ requests / day here, so we take 2 seconds to look over every profile. A lot of rejections are because there is too little information for us to go on. If your profile looks fake, spammy, has no photos, has pornography, or contains very little information about yourself, you probably won't be approved to join this group. If you find yourself rejected & you actually bothered to read this, contact an admin & tell us why you'd like to join: Felicity Jones, Jordan Blum or Steve Yna NY. (We check our "Other" folders in FB messaging.) Or email us: youngnaturists [at[

*YNA does not have an age limit. While we aim at engaging the 18-35 generation & our events are mostly younger people, we think it's silly to exclude people based on a number. So we have the young & the young-at-heart. smile emoticon

1. Always be respectful. This group needs to be a safe, welcoming space for everyone. We have people of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, genders, religions, etc. We will not tolerate hate speech, sexism, racism, or intolerance / disrespect.
2. Do Not post nude images showing genitals, bums or breasts. There are many other nudist groups that allow & are full of photo-sharing. This group is not focused on sharing photos, as we want to focus more on discussion & interaction. (If you're trying to join this group to see nude photos, this is not the group for you!) If you want to share a link & the link preview has a nude photo, please remove the preview.
BUT, if you are offended by nudity, nude art or nude photos, you should NOT join this group, as there is occasional nudity.
3. This group is not for solicitation, dating, hook-ups or for exchanging nude photos with others. Do not send unsolicited nude photos or dick pics to other members. This should go without saying. If you are found sending inappropriate messages to members you will be banned. (Members: PLEASE inform an admin if anyone is sending you such messages.)
4. Do not use this group for self-promotion / sharing links to your own website unless it is related to social nudity / naturism / nudism / body image / social issues or relevant topics. Such posts will be considered spam and deleted.

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