How to add a file to a facebook group?

One of the best features a facebook group brings to users is that it lets member share files quick and easily. You can upload a file from your computer and your Dropbox to a group just by a few clicks. It could be a document, an excel file, a photo, a video,… or anything.


Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and go to the facebook group

Step 2: There are 2 ways to add a file.

The first way is clicking Files on the top fields of page. Here you can choose between creating a new document and uploading an existing file from your computer:

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  • Create Doc: you will have to type a new document by yourself.
  • Upload a file: you can select 1 file from your computer to upload, including many types: docs, photos, pdf,… Maximum size is 25MB.

The second way is choosing Add file on the second row of group page. You can upload files from your computer or from dropbox.

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  • Choose file From Your Computer: select 1 file from your computer, maximum size is 25MB (you just can select 1 by 1 to upload).
  • Choose file From Your Dropbox: you need to sign in or create a Dropbox account. If it’s your first time, you will be asked for permission. After linking 2 sites, select 1 file from your Dropbox and click Post. The link to this file will be added to your post.

After posting file to group, members in group are able to preview and download this file by clicking on it.

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