Kalispell, Mt Online Yard Sale

Hello Everyone! This group page is for the Kalispell area to post items to BUY/SELL/TRADE or stuff you are searching for a reasonable price. This is a group "Online Yard Sale!" Everyone enjoy! You can post clothes, beds, shoes, jewelery, furniture, cars, guns...etc! (: Post advertisements and/or anything related to selling stuff or a business including anything NOT related to selling personal items are no longer allowed unless you get permission.
Only bump item once a day, if item is sold. Please DELETE!
If someone comments first on wanting the item, they should be first, make arrangements right away. If not, sell to the others in line.
PM is when someone sends you a private message, usually the messages come through the 'other' folder. In order to see/receive them you need to use browser, not the Facebook app.
No drama, don't post and make a scene. No one doesn't need to feed off one another's drama..or who says who/what. Be an adult, send messages to admin so we can get both sides of the story.
The group will now be open to anyone. Hopefully people can be responsible, if you see spam. Kindly tag a admin so everything can be taking care of. Members can now add people to the group, but we still need approval:)