The Broome noticeboard. Community news and a place to talk about our town.

I started this group for members of the Broome community to post whatever they like. Obviously this does not include racist remarks, hate speech etc. Just a place where people can keep others up to date with what's happening in Broome. Whether that be community events, criminal activity, discuss community issues or, a place you just want to plug your business.
Anyone can join...and I would like to think it can be self moderating place where topics that aren't really appropriate for other forums setup already, can be discussed freely and in a mature manner. However! Anyone crossing the line in regards to racist remarks/Hate speech, will be removed from the group. So let's all try to get along. Say what you got to say, but respect what others have to say also. And remember these are just opinions/views which we aren't all going to share or agree on 100% of the time.

*When using foul language can we try to at least censor words a little? Not everyone likes some of the terms that can be thrown around at times. I am not saying don't use them altogether, just try and write them in a way that will be least offensive. Like this for example F---, S&**. Please try to take other people into consideration when making a post.

*When critiquing local business, do so by giving a full description of service received, saying a place is crap is not good enough. We don't need to see peoples dirty laundry being aired in public.

*We are all for the reporting of crime. If the extent of your input to such discussions is "break their fingers" Or inciting other acts of violence, just don't bother posting it. Happy to discuss ways forward on issues like this, but let's do it in a sensible manner.

*Cyber bullying will not be tolerated. Any members found to be doing such things will have a very PUBLIC removal from this group. We will all know who you are and what you are up to. Members who are being bullied this way are asked to contact the admin team so we can deal with it accordingly."

*Once an admin has told you to take something to PM, you take it to PM. We don't need personal bitchfests between members on here. Sort it out between yourselves in private, the rest of us don't need to read about it.

*People who are here just to be an internet troll and cause trouble will just be removed from now on. You will get one warning only.

*Members found to be blocking any of the admin of this page will be removed from the group permanently.

*Any views expressed on the Broome Noticeboard Facebook page are the opinion of the original author and do not reflect those of The Broome Noticeboard admin or other contributors to the page.