What's Up Waxhaw!

What's Up Waxhaw! offers the latest news and info supporting the local businesses and town events/happenings in local Waxhaw, NC.


1. No profanity, bashing, overt negativity, disrespect of another member or general rudeness. You will be banned and the post will be deleted. If you have nothing relevant to say, go elsewhere.

2. We welcome varied and diverse opinions. Agree to disagree without resorting to any of the items listed in rule #1.

3. Make every attempt to stay on topic with your comments.

4. We support Waxhaw's businesses and want them to thrive. If you have an issue with any local business, please speak to the owners or managers to express your thoughts so they are aware of your complaints. We do welcome a reasonable opinion of anything involving Waxhaw, but do not come to trash a business or another person without merit or for kicks.

5. If you are unhappy with a post or it offends your sensibilities, you have every right to not follow the post and not continue reading it.

6. If something you say or a post has been deleted, deal with it. It means you've gone against Rule #1.

7. Do not advertise another FB group page UNLESS you are a legitimate Waxhaw business. Go grow your own membership the same we did. Don't ride our coat tails. You will be deleted along with your post.