Warroad and Surrounding Area Sell & Swap

Rules are simple:

RULE #1: As adults you MUST realize we DO NOT get paid for this and this is on our own time. We come in when we have time to do so and take care of what we can. If something NEEDS attention, TAG US, or PM us. Please DO NOT start drama on the page, NO ONE wants to see or be part of this.

Be courteous to others and show respect.

If someone comments first on something that they are "interested" this is where courtesy comes into play. They are simply inquiring about more info on the product, so it is always nice to let them have that chance.

This is not an "auction" site. When a price is posted, then that's the asking price. Trying to outbid someone else who has said they will buy it for asking price is just plain rude and disrespectful to all involved, including the seller, especially to put a seller in a position like that.

Please remove your postings, pictures and albums when something has sold, or if your request has been filled (If you need it removed and can't do so, PM or TAG an Administrator). Leaving stuff posted just fills up the page and albums and irritates people who may be looking for something, only to see it is sold. It only takes a minute to come back and remove your post. If you have time to post it and check back on it, you have 30 seconds of time to remove it ;)

Please keep your "bumps" to a maximum of ONCE a day. Every few hours is QUITE ANNOYING and doesn't give others the chance to sell their items too. Let's be fair, polite and respectful.

Any bickering and arguing and disrespect WILL result in removal. People do not come here to witness drama and childish behavior. This includes any demeaning comments on what someone is selling or how they choose to sell it.

From now on, if someone has an issue with someone or the way something is going on this site, PLEASE message one of the admins PRIVATELY ok? Thanks.

All in all, it is up to the seller who they want to sell to, it is not always a first come, first serve deal. If the seller chooses to wait on a certain buyer or someone who is interested in something, that is their right. Or if they wish to sell to whoever will come get it first, that is also their right. It is NO DIFFERENT than an actual rummage sale you would physically go to. Sellers can sell to whomever they wish. Most sellers are very polite and courteous to the buyers and what not.

ALSO, if any of the admins cannot see ANY INFO on your profile as to who you are, where you are from, etc, we have the right to deny membership. This keeps trouble out, and keeps spammers to a minimum. If you live in Texas, you do not need to be on this site. It is for WARROAD and surrounding areas, not out of state, sorry.

Every 2 weeks there will be a site cleanup on albums. If nothing has bene commented on in 2 weeks, it will be removed.

Just have fun, buy, sell and feel free to invite people to join.