Welcome to all our our members.
Just a reminder:
1) only 1 x bump per day, or your post could be deleted by admin.
2) should you block admin for any reason, you will be deleted and banned from this group.
3) Time wasters are a dime a dozen the Achilles heel of Buy Sell Groups. We are not enforcers ,BUT we do have a feedback page and encourage you to use this. BUT please no other sticky beaks can add their 10cents worth.
4) Pls only bump no more than 3 of your items per day. It is unfair to other sellers if you bump every single item you have to sell. Make an album and bump that album once a day.. Please be fair..
5) No trolling other posts it's unfair and could lead to you being deleted from this group.

SELLERS: it Essentially it is up to the buyer how they would like to manage their sale item ,and also up to the buyer who they sell their items too, it may not be the first person who said dibs, or sold to me pending answer,
The SELLER has FULL control (and so they should, not even adminn can interfere) how fast or slow they wish to sell the their items. BUT make this clear in your selling description. Example: Im selling a bike and have 2 interested buyers one said ist dibs the other said I can pay you right now! I'm gonna take who ever can give me the money asap because it eliminates time wasters.

Post your item to sell on the wall with a description. when someone is interested in purchasing your item/s you can PM (private message) them to arrange the payment.
Once payment is received, you can then post your feedback onto this wall.

We will be monitoring this group regular so please only genuine sellers and buyers only.

some guidelines and conditions have been developed so we are all clear about using this group. Please feel free to add by leaving a post on the wall.

Tips: Ask for age, don't want angry parents because child sold household items.

PM: (Private Message) the seller is the preferred manner to find out how much the item costs.