Berkeley County Online Yard Sale & Free Items

This site is an online yard sale and Free Site for Berkeley County and surrounding areas ONLY. Meeting places should be negotiable (halfway whatever).

It was created for anyone who would like to sell or give away free items without having a yard sale or pay to have stuff listed. Its also a good place for people who are looking for items that are for sale or free. This is a great way to make some money, give away items you don't need and help people out that are in need or looking for items without the drama.

I am asking these simple rules to be followed (yes I had to add way more thanks to people not following the simple 5 I did have).

1. When uploading photos or albums please put in your location. When uploading albums it will ask your location; I'm not sure how the single post work.

2. ONLY 5 single photos anything more you must create an Album - this will allow more space on screen for others who are posting and looking. If you do not make a album then your items will be deleted.

3. DELETE your photos/items once they are sold


5. Give the buyer or seller at least 24 hours to contact you if they don't show up before contacting a admin.

6. NO CALLING OUT NAMES (if you have a bad transaction aka no call no shows, bad item etc.) then contact a admin and we will take care of it.

7. If you promise your item to one person please follow through with that person unless it falls through. NO BIDDING (this isn't eBay)

8. Please be kind, No fighting, no rude comments and once again; no outbidding. This is not an aution. First come first serve basis.

9. If you begin a conversation about the items please message one another, PM=Private Message. It keeps space on the screen.

10. Please keep in mind the difference between "I'm interested" and "I'm wanting" or "I'm wanting to buy". If someone says their interested this just means their showing interest. If someone says "I want" or "I want to buy" or anything along this type then they are committing to buy.

11. NO MORE small business like Avon, Scentsy etc. I allowed it then people took advantage & spammed up the site so NO MORE! If I see it I will delete it & delete you. No exceptions.

12. NO posting of other online yard sale sites. This is the same as the small businesses, I allowed it & people over nope no more. Only Admins will be allowed to do this.

13. Some messages will go under your others folder so please check the others folder on a daily basis.

14. Meeting locations MUST be negotiable. We have members in different locations.

15. And last all items uploaded MUST have the description & asking price. If this isn't listed the item/item's will be deleted.

When completing a transaction please meet in a public meeting place, You might want to take a friend or family member with you. Do not post your phone number under your posting, Message the person instead.