Kyree Dos Santos, Professional Soccer Resume

Kyree Dos Santos, Age 20
(Free Agent) Professional Soccer player

Birthplace: Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada
Birth Date: August 31,1991

weight: 176 lbs.
height: 5' 11"
position: Central Attacking midfielder, or left winger
Preferred foot: Right but comfortable with left
Club contract: n/a
Citizenship: Canadian
education: Canadian High School diploma
Nationality: Canadian, Portuguese

Professional Debut: Aalborg BK vs Silkeborg F.C. score: 4-0

Professional Experience:

-Trial with Aalborg Bk of the Danish Superliga, Aalborg, Denmark( 2011)

- Trial with F.C. St. Gallen Under 21, St Gallen, Switzerland (2011)

Current Statistics and Team- Sapperton Rover United GP: 6 Goals: 5 Assists: 11

Player Description:

I, Kyree Dos Santos am an aspiring Canadian Professional footballer with a deep love for the game of soccer. I was raised in a humble little city in North Western British Columbia called Kitimat. I am a Soccer player who is known for the exceptional ball control I possess. An avid learner who always tries his best to become better in all areas of the beautiful game. I enjoy the Technical part of the game and that can be seen by the dribbling skills I use during my game play. I pride myself in the vision and sheer brilliance of my passing range and diversity. I have had professional coaches say my vision is beyond the level of my age. I have a wide arsenal of shooting ability from a Powerful and accurate strike to the ability to curve the ball with both sides of my feet. As a result of such striking quality I was able to fine tune my free Kick expertise. I have pride myself in being the best I can be and I believe practice makes perfect in all aspects of life.

Professional Experience:

On July 25, 2011 at the age of 19, I had been scouted to Trial in Denmark with Kent Nielsen's ( head coach) Aalborg BK. A team in the first Division of Danish Superliga football who have had appearances in Champions league football. I enjoyed a relatively successful try out with their first team and I was able to debut in my first professional match with their Reserve squad against Silkeborg. I played a role in our 4-0 win in a very physical match in which I did well considering it was my first match. I made my appearance in the 70th minute for Lucas Andersen one of Denmark's brightest future star soccer players. Huge shoes to fill, but I completed my passes and managed to pull off some successful dribbles. In 25 minutes I made a good impression! After the match the media soon swarmed me and I became a story of prospect for the future of Aalborg BK. My first interview was fun as it was misinterpreted due to the language barrier but it was worth a laugh.

Negotiations and the trial, unfortunately fell short due to the club feeling I would be much better suited at a smaller club to develop further. They felt the pressure of Superliga football would be detrimental to my development. Therefore we both parted ways in what was an unfair result in representation of my efforts and ability. I was involved in a dribbling compilation video with the club in which I have the rights of ownership.They were in marvel of my skill level. . All in all the trial gave me valuable experience and I am a better player as a result.

Negotiations with Kent Nielsen and Poul Erik Andreasen :

I was not to be signed for the first but placement in the reserve squad and the second division squad was an option. I refused as the pay was insufficient for the living costs of Denmark.Financials made this decision an impossible option unfortunately.

- F.C. St Gallen Under 21 ( 2011) July in St. Gallen, Switzerland

In Switzerland, I was helped by F.C. St. Gallen midfielder and Captain Daniel Imhof, who thankfully set up a two week trial for me with F.C. St. Gallen. for the head Coach Patrick Winkler's Under 21 squad.

I enjoyed a very successful trial, in which I managed to score 3 goals in 5 practice matches. Feeling more comfortable in the European game took time, but in this trial I came into my own. My dribbling, passing and scoring had won me over some great compliments from assistant coaches and the faculty staff. The club was impressed by me and so were my fellow team mates. We had vigorous physical testing and was up to it as I placed within the team average. This trial was a completely positive experience as I realized my potential to be a great soccer player.

-Negotiations with Patrick Winkler( head coach) and Heinz Peischl (director):

After a successful trial F.C. St. Gallen, contemplated signing me for one year with pay sufficient to the financial guidelines of the European Football Players union. Unfortunately, these financial demands were too steep for them to match and they were forced to let me go.

As an International football signing one must be paid substantially more than the average youth player in Europe due to the high costs of living. They said " It would be a an honor to have you, but to have a Swiss born boy in your place is cheaper for us and better for our countries football development".

Due to the Brilliance I displayed in my trial I was rewarded with interest from other Swiss football clubs and clubs abroad.

Current Club: Sapperton Rover United Under 21, Vancouver Metro Soccer League

Professional Trials in 2012: Currently in trial talks with FC Wohlen of the Swiss Challenge league and various southern European clubs.

Special Thanks:

My Parents, Family and friends
Daniel Imhof
Dominic Imhof
The Frey Family

Thank you to all of you for the opportunity and support in my times of need
I will love and respect you all always!

Visit my website to see pictures and video of my time in Denmark!

Thank you, I appreciate your interest.