Staff and girls of St Dunstans Abbey School, Plymouth - 2004 (inc).

I attended the school at the North Rd site and have got back in contact with classmates so felt there must be others who would benefit from having a site to share photos, memories and chat.

The school was girls only when I attended my first year in the early 1969/70's and this was in the days where teachers wore cloaks and the headmistress in my time (Miss Applebury) wore a cheeseboard hat. The sixth form in my first year was to be feared and the ethics were very much old school style.

We ate in a Refectory and had assemblies in the hall which was accessed via the Cloisters. We played sports in the nearby park and swam at both Cockside as well as many other pools.

Students came from far and wide and were able to be weekly Boarders and others remained day students and we sat at individual slanted style desks with inkwells and all the floors were stone as were the walls, without paint as well, I think.

I'll leave the rest for folk to share as I certainly got up to many antics, some of which were discovered and some still a mystery but we had fun, shared tears, tried and in my case failed to work hard, were brilliant sports women and as classes were very small (under 20 in our class) we were closeknit groups of friends!

I am aware that the site has now closed as a school but unaware of the details of the move and curious about the new school that evolved, so it would be good to hear from young and old alike!