Northfields Friends

Welcome to Northfields Friends! This is a group for people who live and / or work in and around Northfields in London, and is intended to be a happy and friendly community group where you can share events, place notices and generally make the most of the bountiful information and help on offer from like-minded local residents!

In line with other similar groups to this, when it comes to selling your personal stuff, please post multiple items into an album instead of posting several times. To avoid the page being clogged I'd appreciate it too if you could delete posts once items have been sold. Please also limit your sales posts to once a week - there are plenty of other local sites to sell through, and it would be appreciated if you could make the most of these as well as Northfields Friends.

Likewise, please limit business advertising posts to one per month if generic / services / product based unless you have something new and different to say.

Job ads are acceptable, but the original post should name the company (pr recruitment company).

Lively debates on LOCAL issues are definitely encouraged, however please can we always ensure that it remains friendly and polite. Past experience says stay away from politics - it always seems to end in tears and there are plenty of other places to engage in that kind of chat.
When commenting about local businesses please think before posting if your feedback is negative. Social media should not be the way a business finds out for the first time about your experience - please make the effort to contact them before you tell everyone about it on here. Also bear in mind that one bad (personal) experience should not be enough to promote 'avoiding' or boycotting a business. Please try and remember that it is tough out there and our local businesses deserve our support as much as we can provide.

Anyone found to be posting libellous, inflammatory or even just unpleasant comments will be deleted from the group after the first warning.

Further to this point, the opinions and / or views expressed here represent the thoughts of individual contributors and not those necessarily of the admin/owner of this page. While we make reasonable efforts to monitor and/or moderate content posted here, we do not moderate all comments and cannot always respond in a timely manner to online requests.

Please also note that the sale of animals is not permitted on Northfields Friends, and such posts will be removed. Rehoming pets (not for profit) is exempt from this.
Kathryn Coles - Northfields Friends Founder & Administrator


The website owner/admin cannot check any of the goods posted for sale in this group and people buy and sell strictly at their own risk.

Some good local sites for selling include: