Fulton-Montgomery County Virtual garage sale

Post photos of items you would like to sell and the price. If you sell the item you should then remove the post.. Also if you are looking for an item please feel free to ask the group if anyone has it. You may also advertise your gar, age sales here. Please read the rules posted below before using this site.Questions, complaints, concerns, ect. can be made by private messaging me Mandi Yeackel Bleyl . Thank you and Happy Garage Saleing!

1.Breaking the rules- Anyone caught breaking the rules will first recieve a Private message warning and then if you still can't abide by the rules you will be removed.If you do not accept Private Messages, you may be addressed on the group. It's not fair to think you can avoid warnings by not accepting PM's.
2. Bumping ( Commenting on your own post just to move it to the top of the page)-Please only bump once every 24 hours.To Bump, simply comment "Bump" or "Still Available". Please note that commenting on your own post to move it up, typing in a period, etc. is also considered bumping.
3.Foul Language/Harassment- Foul language or harassment will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal.
4.Negative comments- Please don't leave negative comments on other people's posts. If you are not interested in buying an item, do not comment on it at all and move on.
5.Be Honest- When describing an item that you are selling, please be honest about it's condition. If an item it torn, stained, broken ect. please list it as so. Buyers, it is your responsibility to check your items before you pay and walk away.
6.Home business- Please keep all home business posts (Avon, Pampered Chef, candle parties, jewelry etc.) limited to twice a month so that there not clogging up the feed.
7.Be Considerate- If you comment on a post that you want an item but then change your mind, please let the seller know ASAP so that they can then post that the item is still available.
8.Contact info- When arranging pick up for a sale, please whenever possible, private message your contact info to the buyer. leaving an address has led to other people showing up to the seller claiming to be the buyer. If you must leave your info in a comment, you do so at your own risk.
9.Scamming/spamming- Scamming or spamming of any kind is not tolerated and is grounds for imediate user removal.
10. Stolen Items- only sell items that belong to you! Anyone found to be selling stolen items will be banned permantly from the group for the safety of the other members.
11. Illegal activity - there will be no posts about selling or looking for illegal substances.
12. Duplicate listings - no duplication of listings is allowed; please post each item you have for sale only once.
13. No show's - A no-show is when someone is scheduled to pick an item up and does not show up and does not message the other person to explain themselves. If you are a reported no-show 3 times, you will be removed from the group.
14. No firearms or ammunition sales or iso's allowed.