208 Man Stuff, wheeling and dealing

We are a group primarily based in S.W. Idaho and our goal is to provide a place for local trading, buying, or selling Man stuff items.
#1 Man Stuff Only | All Kid/Female Items will be deleted
#2 No Drama
#3 Use Common Sense
#4 No Junk
#5 No Baby/Kids Items
#6 No Ladies Items
#7 No Vehicles of Kind without Title.
As the name of the group states it is for "Man Stuff". Which means we post more of the manly type items.
We prefer electronics, sports items, motorized toys, cars, guns/ammo and anything masculine.
If it won’t sell at a garage sale it won't sell here. No Junk.
Women are encouraged to join.
Be respectful of one another. Fighting/arguing, bad talking or Racism will NOT be tolerated and your comments WILL be deleted and/or you will be banned. If you see any of this behavior please tag an admin or report the post for proper removal. Take any negative comments or remarks to private conversation OR don’t say anything at all.
Things you should NOT post here are:
Furniture (unless it would go in a man cave) if you're not sure ask.
Local business Promotion only. NO MORE THAN ONE POSTING A DAY
Only 1, one bump per every 12 hours. Bumping by editing or commenting on your original post is the preferred method of moving your item to the top.
DO NOT re-post an item. Re-posting an item is NOT the same as bumping and it clogs up the page.
More than 3 items require an album. Please use the Facebook help function for instructions if you're not sure how to do this.
Please list the mileage ,year, and condition and any other pertinent information about your vehicle as it will prevent any unnecessary posts requesting this type of information.
Please list the location of the item.
If your item has sold delete it. If you don't know how please contact an admin and ask them if they can do it. You can tag Jalapeno Nava or Dain Baltierra
No one is obligated to sell or hold for the first person. It is up to the seller on how or who they sell the item.
If you argue that selling your item is manly for the purpose that a man uses it, a man bought it or a man owns it. We can and do reserve the right to remove you and or your item.
Items can and will be deleted at the discretion of the admins!! If you have questions on why it was deleted contact admins.
Thank you and don't forget to add your friends and/or family.
Jalapeno Nava, Dain M Baltierra, Tom Young, and Eggie