Nesbitt School Alumni

*you must belong to the Montreal, QC network to join*

For those of you who went to Nesbitt school and randomly find yourselves reminiscing of a much simpler time, this group is for you to reunite, catch-up with one another and share your memories.

So if any of this sounds familiar – go ahead, join and remember just how…

1) The Principal Mr. Twerdun defined your morals
2) The Vice-Principal Mr. Hogg scared the living daylights out of you
3) The smell of floor cleaner on the first day of school
4) The Pink-Panther and other random character murals
5) The “Secret” colourful staircase
6) The stained-glass staircase leading up to the office
7) Mme Tunca’s kick-ass kindergarten classroom
8) You lived for the day when you would be
- lunch monitor
- milk monitor
- bus monitor
- office monitor
- captain/co-captain of your field day team
9) You lived for Field day because
- you got out of class
- you could win a ribbon
- you got those amazing sundaes that you would
eat with a wooden spoon
- you finally got to play on the jungle gym and the
10) You could never understand why we weren’t allowed on “the hill” on the Jr. side
11) You hated PELO cuz you couldn’t go out at lunch and play with your friends
12) But… you loved PELO when it was freezing outside and you didn’t have to go out
13) Your PELO Italian teacher Mme Christine was your class substitute at least once every year
14) You wished you could always climb the ropes in gym class
15) As much as you liked Ms. Lightfoot, you loved having Peter as your gym teacher
16) You played Science Baseball in Mr. Sargent’s class and enjoyed it!
17) You started reading because Mr. Sargent would sign your card and buy you ice cream when you got to 10!
18) Frankly, Mr. Sargent STILL owes you an ice cream!
19) Mr. Sargent’s lunchtime baseball team for the boys
20) Amazing Friday Pizza lunches at the cafeteria
21) You were there when Jacques (the coolest bus driver EVER!) and Pina got together
22) Playing murder ball on the Jr side with an old tennis ball and you baseball cap
23) Getting the tennis balls stuck in the grating of the windows
24) Soccer-baseball
25) Runners club lunches spent running around the school
26) One name brings horror in your eyes: Aggie!
27) Ms. Popowicz
28) Super old-school macs
29) Logo-writer! The little turtle with the pencil.
30) Oregon trail!
31) Ceramics, Sheltoons, etc.
32) If you got in trouble a lot, you were familiar with "The WALL"
33) Classe Neige
34) Science Humaines with Elaine et Julie while they blasted Céline's Power of Love, Ace of Base and Saturday Night
35) When they brought us disgusting Fluoride to gargle with
36) When they changed the milk cartons to bags and we had to strategically stab them with the straw without splashing it everywhere!
37) Those delicious melt-a-mint chocolates for fundraising...
38) Trying to "roof" the ball
39) Hatting Aggie for being a public Bruins fan
40) Mr. Kowalchuck's replacement Ms. Papamichelakis
41) Cross Country Canada game - and always getting your stuff stolen cuz you didn't lock the back trailer while you slept!
42) Singing along to Wiggle Wiggle
43) Going ice-skating
44) Being convinced that Charlie Zane's dad was Batman (Michael Keaton back in the day...)
45) When they stopped bussing from RDP and opened the Annexe instead
46) Line soccer
47) The Surfin' USA aerobics dance in gym
48) Ms Lightfoot had to get a mic cuz she was losing her voice
49) School Buses got cameras... with nothing in them....
50) The old-school sinks in the bathroom that were literally like fountains where you press on the pedal for water to come out
51) La Caverne
52) Mme Sylvie
53) Mme Navin
54) Mr. Kowalchuck's obsession with corn
55) Mr. Chechile and his M.A. party
56) Défi Mathématique
57) Chess-lunches in Mr. Sargent's class
58) Mr. Doke
59) The Day-Care with Pina, Fina and Lorraine
60) Ms Chatterton, aka Ms. Chatterbox
61) "One hand up, one finger on the lips!... NOW!"
62) "Less talking, more eating" chant from the caf monitors
63) Nukemball!
64) The giant purple picnic table outside of the daycare with all the signatures
65) Daycare kids running to answer the door in the middle of winter just cuz it was cool
67) Mr Sargent reading us scary stories in class and slamming desk drawers for sound effects!
68) Back in the day when the library was actually on the second floor... Rm 20 I think....
69) Sending our friends "mail" throught the Canada-post red mailbox across the gym.
70) Christmas and spring concerts at Rosemount High
71) Watching "Read All About It" from the Ontario Film Board in Mr. Sargent's class
72) When Christopher Marzatelli passed out in Ms Popowicz's class in grade3
73) The time there was a play in the gym in the afternoon and they were throwing out the garbage from the caf and everyone started laughing...the performers cancelled the show but came back later
74) Ball hockey after school with Mr. Sargent
75) Mr. Sargent's "On the Move" newsletter about student activities
76) Running around the block to train for the Halo Road Race
77) Walking around the school two by two, boys on one side and girls on the other
78) Evil Mme Mimi
79) Secretly calling Ms. Neocleus "Ms. Nucleus"
80) Group project after group project after group project
81) Mr. Sargent's substitute, ie his wife, who was equally as tall as he was!
82) Mme Mercadante teaching us to write with a ruler
83) The office - now that I think back, it looked like a mini news room!
84) The crazy report cards with everyone asking, "So how many 1s did YOU get?!"
85) Giving & receiving little Valentines cards
86) Mr.Sargent confiscating Gaetano's hockey card collection and then showing him his own old hockey card collection
87) Trading New Kids on the Block cards, hockey cards and then later Pokemon cards
88) Playing seven up
89) Tic Tac Mots - and the silly song we used to have to sing to the tune of it's a small world: "Quand je suis tout seul et que je m'ennui, si par la fenêtre je vois tomber la pluie, pas de sport au dehors, la télé j'en ai assez, je prends Tic Tac Mots tu saiiiiis..... Tic Tac Mots et la pour moi, Tic Tac Mots et la pour moi, Tic Tac Mots et la pour moi, il m'apprend à lire"
90) Upper Canada Village
91) Mme Benoît's grade 4/5 split class going to the boiler room to spray paint their Christmas Angels
92) All the bake sales
93) Learning Hypercard with Mr Chechile
94) First learning what an e-mail was!
95) Sharing desks!
96) Dictée!
97) Kindergarten monitors
98) Music where we sang songs like "Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut, pizza hut, pizza hut. Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut, McDooonald's McDooonald's.
99) Calling snobby people "Fresh!"
100) "Oooooo Shafted!!!!"
101) Asking your best friend to: "Save my place"
102) Wanting to sit directly in front of the teacher during story time
103) Doing dictionary pages as punishment in Mr Sargent's class
104) KRELL LOGO in computer class

if you've got any more - please feel free to add them or let me know!