Perry County Buy/Sell/Trade group.[A better one]

I made this site, so that people who need to get rid of their unnecessary stuff, can here! This should/can be used for things you want to -Give Away, -Sell, or -Trade smile emoticon Please try to include a picture with all posts, (Not only lets everyone see the item in consideration, also you will most of the time get better feedback) I will delete anyone who gets on this site and try's to offend anyone. No Vulgarity please. And also, Please don't spam ALOT of Different items, (one picture for each post); Its just unnecessary notifications for everyone joined to the site! Try and put them all In one. Everyone Is invited, & all Group Members can add their friends from the page site as well! Thanks everyone for joining, & I'm hoping to get the word around (tell all your friends) Hype, Hype, Hype. I am ready to sell some stuff, how about you? smile emoticon [No promo's for other sites please or you will get removed!]♥ XOXO