Are you over the age of 18 and have Bitch or Rant that you just have to get off your chest or just want to have a good laugh? Here is your chance, a site just for all you BITCHES to go crazy and to get your Bitch on.

If you LEAVE the group you will not be added back as a member... so think good and hard before you remove your self ( we wont miss you so don't bother leaving a note ). I also ask that there is NO SELLING, PROMOTING, and or SLANDER of anyone.

Please remember this is all in good Bitchin' fun and everyone has a RIGHT to their Opinion!!! Feel free to add as many BITCHES as you want to the group and to spread the word. And for the love of every thing holy... KEEP YOUR BITCH ON!!!

WARNING: This site can and will blow your Bitchin' mind as well as become your new addiction!!! You will occasionally see sexy pics, vulgar language and douchey behavior.... just scroll past or hit the unfollow button! do not report posts and troll peoples posts! Compulsive trolls will be removed! And on occasion you might just be removed because we don't like you.

Your Queen Bitch Summer Knight


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