Belton-Raymore Business Rant and Rave

I created this group to allow people to either rant or rave about a business located in Belton - Raymore Peculiar and areas around.

If you have a good experience please post and if you have a bad experience post to allow others to know how things went. If you're a business owner this gives you great feedback to help serve your customers.

This is not the place to promote or advertise your business. You may respond to questions or concerns but please do not post. "A few of you have gotten sneaky about doing this but it will stop"

As the group gets larger I do ask that all respect the no ISO or Looking For. If you are just ISO or Looking for there are other groups suited for you.

No personal attacks or calling someone out by name.

This is also not a group for hearsay or slander. Let's keep our postings to personal experiences please. Anything that is deemed hearsay or slander will automatically be deleted with no warnings.