The Punjabi-Parsi Pouters' Party (Uhm Wedding):))))))))

Wedding Itinerary
Hellows peepuls! Here is a brief (??) message outlining the events within the event at FARAH & SUNNY’S WEDDING (Partaaayyy as most of you who know us well enough would like to call it) tee hee!!! Since a lot of you have the pre- wedding 'what-to-wear', 'will- it-be- boring' questions to ask here goes:

17th early morning/ Late morning and Afternoon tops (for those flying in from overseas) arrive at Nagpur International Airport. Cars, Taxis and coaches will be waiting for you with placards outside the airport. Detailed Schedules of arrivals and departures will be given to all our guys in charge of your transportation so DO NOT WORRY!! NAGPUR AIPRORT IS NOT HEATHROW AIRPORT so do not panic, they will find you ☺. No guns/ grenades/ rocket launchers or supersonic farts on board plizz.

17th FEB 7:00- 11:00am: For those of you goodies who arrive early there will be a buffet breakfast on for you until 11:00 AM after which you could order breakfast in the room too.

17th FEB 11:AM onwards: Mehendi followed by drinks, lunch and loads of nibbles. Accompaniments of course include my favorite PUNJABI AUNTIES singing at the top of their voices and the Infamous Dhol, for the PARSI MEETS PUNJU BAND BAJA BARAAT!!!

11:00 AM- 3:00 pm: Get to the event find me, hug and kiss me and tell me how much weight I have lost ;). Find yourselves comfy seats, settle in, yenjoy light refreshment, booze, nibbles and a full size lunch, sing discordantly, tell dirty jokes... generally pfaff until you’re ready to nap and brace yourself for the evenings BOLLYWOOD DHAMAKA, DHADAKA, TAMASHA I’d like to call my ‘Sangeet.’

3:00PM-6:00PM: Siesta time--snooze all you want coz these are the only three hours you are allowed to recharge your batteries.
Mehendi Dress code : INDIAN-Turquoise & Coral & gold--Turquoise or coral or gold. Ofcourse you can still attend the function if you don’t own these colors. Bring out your festive best --- I LOVE BLING ☺

NOTE: JUST COZ THE MEHENDI IS ONLY APPLIED TO WOMEN Gentlemen this does not mean you eat lunch and eff off. Please stay and enjoy the ambiance, music, entertainment and guzzleys... plaanty of good booze I tell you!

8:30 pm onwards: Sangeet and Engagement.Latka matka jhatka! Tunak tunak Tun!

Cocktail/sangeet Dress code: women Thoda Indian style please. Kurtas/ Kurtis/ Sarees/ Ghagras for men and women both. Yes the men can wear sarees and ghagras too. Infact, I would prefer it. LET’s MAKE A STATEMENT GUYS ☺) heheh

Cocktail/sangeet dress code Men: Western wear or Indian wear FOR MEN, Or James bond styleee wear... Just keep it smooooooth son....I is wearing Indian. I is the bride after all.

18th Feb: 7:00-11:00 am: Breakfast at your own leisure. Breakfast specials will include nimbu paani, Eno, Pudin-hara and Alka seltzer. HANGOVER HELP!!


1:00- 3:00 pm: Lunch. Civilized. A bit hungover. But fully clothed please.
Haldi. Chooda Dress code: Smart Casual/ Semi- formal/Indian-Western. Sarees, salwar kammezes, kurtis,Dresses. Chiffons. Linens. Lots of.
3:00 PM onwards –Boys side rituals sehrabandi, Turban tying and assembly of the baraat party. (SUN & SAND)

5:30pm- 7:00 pm: Every one departs towards central provences club (C.P. CLUB) where everyone (BOYS SIDE) will assemble at a temple and after a short puja will get ready to dance away at the baraat while Sunny is being drawn by his horse chariot !!!Be there in time plizz. THIS IS IT. Dze Wedding! I'm getting married!

Wedding Dress Code: Do I need to tell you? INDIAN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!
7:30 pm onwards: BARAAT where you can drink yourself silly secretly and dance like there is no tomo until you finally enter the mandap area where I will be waiting for my sunshine.

Wedding Banquet! Blessings and presents plizz. Tons of music & alcohol in designated areas and rooms. This is not a reception. I repeat, this is not a reception. We will not be standing on a stage with painful grins frozen on our faces. Well maybe just for a bit after the VARMAALA.


19th Feb: Groan. Morning. Not good. Sun. Hurts. Eyes. Ouch. Alka SFOAM! Water! eltzer. Gimme.

11:00am- 2:00 pm: FAREWELL CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH: The last hoorah. Bid adieu to the bridal party and your livers in style.
Dress Code:Semi- nude, barely clothed. CREAM & GOLD. this is for those of you who can’t handle another saree or safety pin moment. ☺ I is wearing Indian throughout.

2:30 - 3:00 pm:Get on the coach, taxi, too pained to speak after the last 2 days' trauma. Arrivederci! Go on now. See you folks there if you still got the cojones to do eet! Be there. Ok.

22 FEB : RECEPTION IN JALANDHAR : Make your way to Delhi ,

Option 1: Take the Shatabdi express from Delhi to Jalandhar.(5hrs)
Option 2: Fly down to Amritsar and there will be designated cars and drivers to get you to Jalandhar.Delhi –Amritsar(40mins),Amritsar-Jalandhar(1hr)
Option 3:A road trip from Delhi to Jalandhar (approx. 6.5 hrs)

Huggies from Brideymonster!


FARAH SANJANA 09860005435
SUNNY MAHAJAN 09915050000
MANVEEN SINGH 9967095372
FEROZA SANJANA 0044 7585946502
ROOHIE MAHAJAN 09876471000

P.S.-Dress Code Generally: glamorous and minimal or sequinny and jhakaang! Your choice.