Moms buy/swap in Cornwall, ON

All I ask is that no curse words and respect the sellers! Also, please no spamming, that's just rude. IF you disrespect the rules, you will get a warning, then you are out. PLEASE don't comment on someone else's items to say that they can get it cheaper elsewhere. if you do this you will be banned.....if you have an issue with someone try to come to an agreement between the two of you's in private messages as we don't want this site to become a drama site... there are lots of places to put your drama.... Happy shopping and swapping!
One more thing: if someone seems genuinely interested in buying something, and is doing everything in their power to get it, don't be rude and sell it to the next person on the list right away. Most people aren't on fb every second of every day and don't always have the money right away. Give people time! If they say its theirs, it's theirs! Thank you!