Spearfish Online Garage Sale

ETIQUETTE - PLEASE READ (Occasionally Check Back for Updates)!
Welcome to the Spearfish Online Garage Sale!! This page is for buying, selling and trading of general items in the Spearfish, SD area.

To post a photo: upload your photo to one of your personal albums and share here, this seems to be the easiest route. Please post only one photo per item you are selling,and give as accurate a description as you can with the price clearly stated. IF your item has not sold after 30 days please remove the post.

Once your item has sold please delete the entire post from this page.

NOT TO BE SOLD!!! - Smoking utensils (illegal or not i.e. pipes, bongs, etc.), sexual utensils, fire arms, recalled items, formula, and expired carseats are prohibited from being bought or sold on this site!

THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION! Please try to post prices on everything. You can always say price/best offer. Once sold - do not resell for a higher price. BUYERS - please refrain from offering a price until it is your turn. If someone is already negotiating prices please do not "butt" in.

BUSINESSES: This is a garage sale site. Do NOT advertise for your business. If you have a tax license, you are a business. If the company you sell for requires you to have charge sales tax, you ar a business. If you are buying and reselling the stuff, you are a business. All business posts will be deleted. This also includes any items you are taking orders for. Your posts will be deleted without notice. Repeat "offenders" to this rule will also be deleted.

SPAM IS NOT ALLOWED! Do not spam our page with advertising/linking your page/group on here. This also includes anything for both fundraising and donations. The posts will be deleted. If you feel an exception should be made, feel free to send admins a message. Repeat offenders will be deleted as well.