Yarram & Surrounds BUY,SWAP,SELL or GIVEAWAY

This is a small friendly page for towns 50km driving distance from Yarram. We are a bit different to other sites so make sure you read the rules below If you live outside the 50km you are welcome to join if u can pick up items in a timely manner that suits seller. Also if you post an item for sale outside 50k it has to come with option of delivery or postage to the area (this can be at a charge to buyer or can be free if you visit regularly) The buyer can choose to pick up but the option for delivery or postage and cost if any must be stated
Upload photo make sure you have price location and other relevant info Include Vin Reg or Eng No for cars IEMI phones and microchip dogs and cats. The more info included the less questions and quicker your item will sell.
COMMON TERMS NIL next in line W watching WTB wanting to buy WTS wanting to sell PM personal message ONO or nearest offer BUMP is adding your item to the top of the page again DO NOT BUMP ITEMS MORE THAN ONCE A DAY.
Small local business can advertise on here, however don’t bump your posts more than once a week. PLEASE DELETE YOUR ITEM ONCE SOLD
This is where we are different. The first person to comment is first in line, wether the comment is "inboxed" "sold" or a question if u are first to comment the buyer will deal with u first, if the sale falls thru he/she will go to the next comment! This makes it friendlier u can ask questions get answers and not have pressure of someone writing sold while u are in negotiations.
If you are wanting to buy an item but have asked a question or want to view the item its a good idea to write "sold pending ..." If you have inboxed a person, please write "Inboxed" this saves confusion as to who was interested first. Being first person to inbox doesn't make you the FIL if you aren’t the first person to comment.
If seller does not receive any contact from the FIL person for 12 hours that person forfeits spot. This may seem long time but it is rare you have to wait 12 hours to hear from someone. It's a buffer as some people work and can’t check FB. Sellers reserve the right to go to the NIL if a buyer is a no show on an arranged pick up time. Report this to ADMIN so we can consider deleting the person. Key is communication
TAGGING someone does not secure them a spot. That person has to comment themselves.
If an item DOES NOT have ONO don’t offer lower price If item DOES have ONO and you make an offer seller has option of accepting or declining. If declined the next person to make an offer that is accepted by buyer is the winner. Do not give out personal info. Please inspect the item BEFORE pmt. BUYERS BUY AT THEIR OWN RISK. Most items are second hand and do not usually come with any warranty. No foul language or abuse allowed. COMMUNICATE with each other, mutual respect goes a long way. We want to keep this site a friendly and positive experience. Admin reserves the right to delete anyone not following these rules