Edrom Casals Centre (formerly International Cello Centre)

This is an open page, celebrating music and the ethos of the Edrom Casals Centre, and even if you have no direct association with the school, you are heartily welcome!

The ECC has its roots based in the teachings and ethos of Pau (Pablo) Casals. Originally based in London's Ladbroke Grove and founded by Maurice Eisenberg and Milly Stanfield in the 1950s, the school was later bequeathed to Jane and Christopher Cowan in collaboration with John Gwilt. In the 1970s, the Cello Centre was relocated to Christopher's family home of Edrom House in the Scottish Borders. The name was recently changed to The Edrom Casals Centre and, though no longer held at Edrom House, is to this day based in the Borders. Courses have always had the emphasis on enjoying playing chamber music in an informal atmosphere, together with professional players whose insights and enthusiasm bring fresh perspective to music making.

'The expansive warmth and enthusiasm of Maurice Eisenberg reflect his conception of the real function of music. Mr. Eisenberg does not talk in terms of form or period--these he calls only the "vocabulary" of music--, nor does he dwell on esthetic doctrine. His concern is for the expressive power of the art which he describes radiantly as "the most potent means of communication between men." (from a profile by Maxine A Colman, The Harvard Crimson May 4th 1962)