Saco Maine Online Yard Sale

Local online yard sale, post as many items as you like, all I ask is you include price and sized of clothes and shoes, happy shopping... ;-)
Just like other sites I do have a few rules, I thought I could get by without them, but unfortunately an order to have a site go smoothly there has to be rules...
Rule #1: No drama, no unnecessary opinions, this is my site, these are my rules, and no one is forcing you to be on here, if you don't like it then do us all a favor and leave the site, this isn't a DEMOCRACY..
Rule#2: No businesses of any kind
Rule #3: Be respectful with your sales and your purchases
Rule #4: No publicly calling people out, msg me or peter Howe privately
Rule #5: The first person to say interested has first dibs, no going behind backs and making this an eBay deal, and if the seller wants to hold an item fine but if they don't that is there perogative. Thank u