Salida Swap - Online Find or Sell

+This page is for people in the Salida/BV/Nathrop/Howard/Cotopaxi area ONLY to find, sell, buy, or trade items.
Living further out causes issue in completing the sale as we've found out.

+If you would like to participate here, please follow these simple guidelines:

+This is NOT a place for promoting your business. Check out our sister page, Chaffee County Small Businesses for small, local, business postings.
+Clothing and Accessories are not allowed on this page, there is a secondary page called Salida Clothing Swap to post these items.
+Post a clear photo of the item you want to sell/find and a brief description, include the dollar amount asked. For multiple photos, please create an album first prior to posting.
+Do not put MAKE AN OFFER POSTS. These are very problematic for people. Swappers can ask a question, make an offer, etc. on your post.
+FOLLOW THE CHAIN OF COMMUNICATION! If someone asks a question, respond to the inquiry. You still need to follow the chain of who responded first.
+If you receive a PM about the item, please post that you have. It helps greatly in resolving complaint issues that arise.
+YOU are responsible for YOUR posts. Please delete YOUR post once it's sold. If you cannot due to technical issues, PLEASE type ((Admin)) or ((Sold)) in the comment area and we will gladly delete it once it's sold.
+If you make a DEAL with someone- KEEP YOUR WORD. In the end, our word is all this great country was founded on.
+If a deal has been settled between two swappers, do not interfere by offering more $$. Tacky swappers will be removed at the admin's discretion.
+If a dispute occurs, PM THE SELLER/BUYER FIRST! DO NOT POST ANYTHING SLAMMING ANOTHER MEMBER OR ADMIN ON THIS SITE. That type of behavior will not be tolerated in ANY FORM! It can and will be cause to deletion and or removal from the site.
+Members need to be at least 18 years of age. We are all adults on here, lets try to interact with one another like it. If a dispute cannot be resolved between members, then message a ((ADMIN))
+Due to the numbers and activity of this page, posts will remain for 14 days. Posts older than this will be removed. ISO (in search of information) posts and recommendation posts will remain up for 24 hours.
+Please do not use this page to ask people phone numbers.........we all have google, phone books, and this is not a dating site.
+Let's keep this fun, friendly, and clean.
+This page has become quite the community page, which is awesome but we ALL need to follow the rules. If you do not like the way the page is ran there are several others you can join.
+If you are combative, trouble-making and feel that swap is a place for you to do nothing but complain or cause problems you will be removed. No questions, no discussion.
+If you have any questions/problems please contact an admin for help!

+If you have the admins blocked, you will NOT be added. If you block the admins you will be removed.

Happy Swapping!