Belchertown Trash to Treasure

You know what they say...
"One mans trash is another mans treasure!!!"


Belchertown Trash to Treasure was an idea I had after I recently became a member of the Belchertown Children's Swap and Sell. I loved the concept! Problem is, its just for kids things.

So what do you do if you have big people things to sell?

Here you can post any items used or new that you may have
for SALE or FREE or TRADE.
~ Kind of like a Cyber Tag Sale~

Please note: this site is NOT for Realtor's and will not allow for postings on homes for sale.

This site is also not for Automotive Dealerships and those alike or its postings.

Corp Businesses will not be accepted to the group.

Everything must be posted under a PERSONAL NAME not a business entity.

Ex.. Ann Smith (posts the following) Family Dollar is having a fabulous sale on Back to school supplies.
Ex. Ann Smith (posts) Handmade gift bags - asking $5.00 each"

Business who post for sale items may come across as advertisement and or solicitation. Therefore we ask all business to join under a personal name - not a place of business.

"Gone out of business inventory/ No longer selling" for items such as Tupperware, Mary Kay, Candle Light, 31, etc... PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST... We do however discourage repeated postings of current inventory as in a way you are using this site to RUN your business constantly.

We encourage FREE ITEMS of any kind to be posted. We support the postings of community fundraiser events.

We encourage you to use this page as a good resource. Have a question? Looking for something or something in particular? ASK :)
That's how we help each other.
It is however, not a FREE EDITORIAL SECTION! We do NOT allow for comments or postings to just be that of "RUNNING YOUR MOUTH" out of dislike for another member or the government or the community.
Any such remarks placed on this page will result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL from this page. You have an issue with something or someone and want to be heard... take it up in your local paper!

Animals from BELCHERTOWN ONLY can be placed for sale or adoption here as well, however we ask and prefer for those listings to be "FREE TO A GOOD HOME" ads as much as possible!

This page is designed for BELCHERTOWN RESIDENTS ONLY!!
Exceptions are made to those who work in town, However they must have at least one mutual friend that is already a member. (Addresses and or employment of non-residents must be validated)

Please DO NOT POST CLOTHING on this site.
Please visit BELCHERTOWN'S CLOTHING RACK to post all Clothing related items.

Violators of these regulations will constitute removal of member from this page.

So next time you want to throw something away, REMEMBER, it could be someone else's treasure!!!

Thank you - Have fun & SHOP AWAY!!!