Pine Bluff/White Hall ARKANSAS Swap Shop

This group is for Pine Bluff & White Hall Residents & the surrounding area. The original group admin deleted herself and left the group without anyone to tend to it so please consider joining this new group to replace the old one.
The rules are pretty quick & Simple...
*Be considerate & respectful to others, no profanity is allowed.
*The more you make yourself available the more likely you will sell your items
*If you are repeatedly reported for no shows you will be removed.. simple as that.
* When your item sells PLEASE DELETE IT!
*Please do not bump your item more than once a day.
*At this time there is no limit to posts that can be made. If I get repeated complaints then I will deal with that when the time comes.
*If you do not live in Jefferson County you must make yourself available to meet within Jefferson County unless the item is too large to swap at a quick meeting spot.
& Last but NOT LEAST...
**** Make all meeting plans in private please. With so many people there's bound to be a few bad apples. Exchange phone numbers if possible in case an emergency arises and you're unable to meet.
Last note from new admin...
I am not responsible for deals gone bad or nonworking merchandise. It is YOUR responsibility to check ALL items before leaving the meeting spot. I do however encourage you to report to me if you purchase items that are not working or falsely represented because if the person does it repeatedly they will be removed without warning.
Tisha & Randy Harvey