Maida Vale Mums' Buy and Sell Group

Have something you want to sell or give away? In need of gently used items? Well look no further than your fellow Maida Vale Mums!

** IMPORTANT*** Maida Vale Mums’ Buy and Sell Group outline for group conduct:
1. POSTING ITEMS: Please be sure to label each item clearly with a brief description and the price. If you are listing multiple items, you NEED to create an album. Please do not put multiple pictures into one post as it clogs up the page, if it is not in an album it WILL BE DELETED.

2. MULTIPLE POSTINGS: Please only post your item ONCE PER WEEK. To bring your item to the top of the grou, please comment the word “bump” to bump your post to the top! You can only bump ONCE PER WEEK. No duplicating posts, please bump original.

3. RULES WHEN BUYING/SELLING: You can only comment on a post, NO SELLING BY PRIVATE MESSAGE. This group works on a 1st come 1st served basis, so tagging the seller on the comment will help them to see your interest clearly, anyone selling or buying by private message will be deleted. Give buyers a reasonable chance to respond, we are not all available 24/7, please tag buyers so they know you have responded.
Please let the seller know ASAP if you want the item or not so they can pass it on to the next person if you are not interested.

Please be fair with each other, any problems inform ADMIN straight away, no arguing will be accepted, please treat each other with respect and courtesy.

4. PROMOTING PERSONAL GOODS/SERVICES: MVMs’ Buy and Sell can be a great audience to promote your business or service. To do so please participate in our Maida Vale Mums’ Marketing Mondays! On Mondays ONLY, members are allowed to post one advertisement for personal businesses and services. This is mainly a buy & sell group and we want it to remain as such.

5. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING: If any member notices any misconduct please "REPORT the post" or PM Sumaya Shamakh or Jeffrey Ong directly to ensure a quick resolution!

These guidelines were made in an effort to make sure that this group flows smoothly and continues as a great resource for local parents to buy and sell goods, we (the group administrators) have a few rules. If any admin feels that you are not abiding by the rules, you will be contacted by private message and if continued misuse of the group continues, YOU WILL BE REMOVED at any administrator’s discretion. If you are removed you will not be readded so do not hassle admin to do so. *****There are too many members to please everyone, but we hope you know these outlines are in place for the greater good of the group. If you have a CONCERN PLEASE PM AN ADMIN DIRECTLY*****

Disclaimer: Administrators of this group are in no way to be held responsible for the condition of goods, exchanges of money or the safety of it's members when buying/selling. Buying and selling and meeting in person is up to the sole discretion of the members of this group.

Thanks and Enjoy!