863 Yard sale from home

Any item for sale within the polk county area (Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Mulberry, Bartow, etc).

Rules are:

-No drama

-Please put location and price and any information that may be needed. Best offer is NOT a price. If willing to negotiate on a price please put the price you want and OBO. All posts without a price or that say Make offer will be deleted.

-You do not have to make an album for multiple items but please give time in between

-No work at home ads, no make up or weight loss ads unless its your own PERSONAL item no representative sales like Avon, Mary Kay, or plexus.

-Bump original post instead of making the same post several times.

-Delete when item is sold or put sold for an admin to delete.

-No personal business ads (babysitting, lawn maintenance, where you work, any services in exchange for cash.) ISO of any of these are acceptable and you can reply to the comment with your information, but any business ad will be deleted and multiple deletes will equal being kicked out..