Bidding Battles Medicine Hat

Pls see FILES for rules in detail, this is basic. Post a pic wit...h SB(starting bid which is the lowest you will take for your item). No stock photos...they infringe on copyrights. Please do not include an ending time on your post. We go from the computer posted time to determine ending times. You can also choose to have a BIN. This is a buy it now option. This can only take place if there are no bids.You don't need a BIN in your auction but to have a BIN it must be included in your original post, it may not be added after the auction has started. BIN & SB can't be the same amount. If a member says "BIN" on your auction the item is considered sold and the auction is over. You may edit your post only to correct errors, you cannot change your SB or BIN price.
No shill bidding/bumping, no cross posting allowed. Do not bid/offer less than the SB.
Please no PETS, we love animals.
Unless sealed, for health and safety reasons we cannot allow the sales of open food, vitamins, supplements or bath/body products.
Auctions run and must stay up for 24 hours from computer posted start time. If auction was posted at 8:49pm, end time will be 8:49:59 pm
1 pic per auction but you may post more pics in comments. A 4 HR window to improper posts will be deleted if not fixed.
Bids must be in a minimum of 50 cent increments. Bids must also be placed as the actual value you are bidding. For example, if you are bidding ten dollars then you must either write $10 or 10 or 10.00 . It cannot be written in any other form to be accepted as an actual bid.
You may bump 4 times per auction at any time you choose. Bumping just brings the post back to the top of the page for everyone to see first. Simply write "bump" in the comments section.
PM's are allowed however this is a drama free site so keep it clean.
From auction end time you have 48 hours to pick up. If you don't pick up or pull your bid, you will be banned. This means you may not withdraw your bid. If a bid is placed it must be honored. If you remove your bid, you will be removed.
If you have a non-paying bidder or are being harassed in any way, please pm admin.
In the event of a non paying bidder, after an admin has been contacted and then contacted the non paying bidder, the seller can then offer to their next highest bidder or repost.
Sellers are responsible for closing their own auctions, however admin is always available to help in the event of a bidding war or tie. Ties will go to the first bidder.
If you are from out of town please include the date and time you will be in for meeting.
Please leave auction posted until pick up has been made.
No member can have admin or any other member blocked.
ADMINS are: Nicole Janine Wilson, Joe Dubb, Darryl Sackman, Jane Corman, Ree Lajimodiere, Angela melnyk-Lima, Shelley Christie Mattson, Brenda Neitz-Duchscherer, Chasity Clarke, Dawn Greenwood, Kristina Dawn McDonald and Juan Beukert