Dressage Horses for Sale - Weanlings to GP

READ HERE BEFORE YOU POST: Here is a place to post your dressage horses for sale from youngsters to Grand Prix . Helping sellers to connect with buyers. SELLERS MUST POST: Where horse is located, price or price range, size, gender,age, color, level of training, breed. It is EXTREMELY helpful if SELLERS post video's,pictures, website. BUYERS please be respectful of SELLERS times and do not ask for videos and more pictures if you are truly not interested in the horse listed. DO NOT post tack for sale, your riding pants for sale,boarding, your services,etc. If you do you your post will be deleted and you will be taken off the site. If you only post a picture and no description the horse will be taken down. If there is not enough information on your add, it will be taken down. If someone has a problem, do not voice it on this page, PM me directly. This sales page also like to hear your POSITIVE stories, if you have sold your horse, please PM me so I know. This is a DRESSAGE HORSE sales page. The moderators of this page ARE NOT responsible for the following - misrepresented horses, false information posted to the add, lame horses, horses that do not match the training the owners/posters state, horses that do not match the pictures/videos that owners/posters post. Do you homework, ride the horses, and vet them. Thank you and enjoy shopping!