All Femboys ♥

If you are a femboy or adore femboy's come on in!!!! ^~^
This is... for femboy's to post pictures of themselves and talk about and or to femboys about what ever!

1) Only post what is yours!!! (photos or drawings that you created or have the legal rights to)
2) Absolutely no genitalia or anuses
3) Pictures can be provocative but no posting actual sexual acts or straight up porn
4)If your Picture is removed do not re-upload it unless an Admin Personally tells you otherwise.
5) Respect others and refrain from using derogatory words to refer to people's posts
6) Report posts to the ADMINS not Facebook! (we don't wanna get shut down)
7) do not block the ADMINS because then it makes it difficult to give you a warning and as such we cannot easily take care of our group.
8) Be cool, tolerant, understanding, and HAVE FUN

The Admin Team