Georgetown/Roundrock, TX Swap

Thank you all for being a part of this Swap/Sell group! The following is a list of guidelines we ask you graciously follow.

YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF TEXAS. An online Swap Shop for the Georgetown/Roundrock, TX area (& surrounding areas). Sell, Swap, or Free.

Businesses are welcome, but please limit advertising to Fridays ONLY!
I will be posting Friday Morning announcing it is small business Friday.
You can then post in the comments below my post your website or FB fanpage. ONLY LOCALS. Thank you for respecting this process.

Do not post your business in a photo folder. Businesses must also participate in the Swap as either a Buyer and/or Seller. Business are limited to one per company. Please go to the FILES section and sign up to represent your business.

Also, post items once per day, bumping them up THE NEXT DAY after the original post....don't bump a few hours after posting. We urge all patrons of the site to communicate by text, phone call, or inbox. Administrators are not responsible on risk of loss sales, or the improprieties of others.

Please remember to respect the seller's post. If they have a price listed, we kindly ask you to not "undercut" and make a totally low ball offer.

SOLD ITEMS: Please remove the post and any pictures once the item(s) have been sold. Thank you. (to delete sold items/photos go to your album, open your photo, then click options, remove this photo).

If you are not in the Gtown/RR area you are still allowed to post but please make it very clear of your location. If you are the Buyer, you must also be willing to drive and meet people in Gtown/RR.

All post that are not dealing with Selling ISO (In Search Of) or TX Business will be deleted immediately.