ALL NEW GRIMSBY SWAPS & SALES was set up until the original Grimsby swaps & sales was back up & running, which it is now. But I have decided to keep running this as there's not as many members & easier to browse through. So get posting your stuff to swap or sell.

To all members please if you have lots of items for sale make a album & then post rather than posting individually, or if your not on laptop/pc but on your phone please only post up to 6 items or post all together on same post. I have deleted a few people's posts that have had over 30 individual photos one after one! This blocks the page up & is not fair on other members wanting to post there items. If you can not abide by these rules you will be deleted from the group, thanks Admin x

Selling of weapons is not allowed ie, guns, knifes,samurai swords etc. If any such item is posted Admin will remove & if you continue you will also be removed of the group.

Your allowed to bump your post every 12 hrs.

Local businesses are welcome to join & advertise.

Please no advertisement of animals on here, if you've got them for sale please go to By all means though if you have lost or found advertise on here x

Don't forget to add your friends please :)