Better than Ebay - Harrisburg

As a big Ebay and Etsy proponent, I still find there is a need for local sales of items, especially bigger items. This is a similar site to one I found in Lexington, KY where I am from. It feels a little safer and is more of a community sale than Craigslist. It is specifically a place for Harrisburg and surrounding areas of North Charlotte, Midland, Concord, Mt. Pleasant to post kid-related or personal items for sale.

For individuals who live in these areas only.

Please don't ask to be added if you are out of this area as members generally don't ship; everything is local pick up only.
At this point we only add members who I know, know someone else or are friends with someone else already in the group.

Also, if you do not list where you live on your profile, we cannot determine if you live in the area and cannot add you to the group. Thanks and happy shopping!

Please post accurate descriptions, preferably with a photo. Also please follow through with communications and item exchange!!
Once your item sells and you have made the exchange, please remove the photo from the group.

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