Ithaca Virtual Garage Sale


This site is for those in Tompkins and Surrounding Counties. Make some quick cash on items you have lying around the house.


*Be Respectful! No bullying. No nasty comments made on postings. You will be removed if this occurs.

*No sales of Guns, Animals, Or Alcohol.

*All deals must be made in the comment section of the photo or in the live feed. You may PM (personal message) your personal information after you've established that you are the buyer. This is not a first person who gets you the money, get the item.

*NO Bidding wars! The Seller has the right to refuse a sale. We do not control their posted prices. You may negotiate prices but ultimately the Seller has the right to decide what he/she would take for their item. You cannot offer the Seller more for an item after someone has agreed to pay their posted price.

*First to comment has the opportunity to ask questions and buy the item for sale. If you don't want the item, please let the Seller know by "passing" that way they can go to the next interested buyer. If the Seller hasn't heard from you within 12hours then it is their right to assume that you no longer want the item and they will move on to someone who does.

*If you are interested in an item but there is already a potential buyer, let them know...say "next" or "interested" as buyers can fall through and you may have the opportunity to get the item you wanted.

*If you have multiple items for sale, please place in an album. If there is an EMPTY album, please use that to upload your pics as they cannot be deleted and I don't want to see numerous empty albums. Update your albums as things sell or if a sale is pending, comment "Pending" below the picture.

*BUMP (means to move your posting to the top of the feed) Please only do
this every 24hrs. Violators will be warned once then banned from the site.

*SAFETY: Meet people you do not know in public places.

*If you do not show up for your purchase and made no attempt to get a hold of the owner, you will warned once then banned from this site if it occurs again.