KAUST - For Sale

If you don't have your PM turned on you won't receive the request for information that you need to provide to join this group. Please remember to check your 'other' inbox.
This is a place for KAUST Community members to sell or swap secondhand goods. When an item is sold, please add a "Sold" comment.

Happy selling and swapping!


*Important note to new members*
This group is for KAUST community members only, and you may be asked to specify your affiliation with the university before your join request is approved.

When you send a join request, please make sure you can receive Facebook Messages. Then keep an eye on your "Messages" and "Other Messages" folders for a note from a group admin. This may take a few days.

Need help? Check out: https://www.facebook.com/help/336759363070078/


*Group Rules*
This is intended to be a safe place for KAUST Community members to connect. Please keep your posts positive and supportive. Judgmental or inflammatory comments will not be tolerated. Mass posting or running a business on this page will also not be tolerated.

All posts should be from a FB account in your real name so that everyone knows who they are dealing with.

Please ensure that when you post that you include details such as price, size, condition etc and an actual photo. Please conduct you dealings respectfully and keep to arrangements made. This is not an auction site and bidding on your item should not be encouraged.

Once an item is no longer available please write SOLD or delete your post.

All posts must respect the laws, customs and sensitivities associated with living in Saudi Arabia. As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn't say it to your boss or mother, don't say it here!

Anyone who breaks the rules is subject to having their post removed and/or being banned from the group indefinitely.

*Buyer Beware*
Buyers: It is your responsibility to ensure the goods you are buying are in working order and authentic. You are buying goods "as is". If you are not sure about of credibility of the seller or the product they are selling, we suggest that you do not purchase the item.


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