Illinois Twilight Bark - Pets in search of Forever Homes

The Illinois Twilight Bark uses social networking as a means to help spread the message about pets in need of homes. Our Facebook community also offers advice, knowledge and experiences to pet owners in need of assistance. Our mission is to promote pet health, happiness and forever homes thru social networking.

Please adhere to the following:

All pets-needing-new-home posts must contain the following information in the original post or could be deleted without notice.

Current on shots?
Re-homing Fee
Good with kids, cats, other dogs?

Posts are limited to the state of Illinois and to those communities immediately bordering Illinois. The pet population problem is world wide. The admins of this group believe that the best way this group can help make a difference is by focusing on a single area, and doing everything we can for the animals is that area.

No posts, comments, links or photos related to any aspect of breeding or to any form of profiting off of pets.

No selling of pets. Authorized rescues\shelters may set their own adoption fees. Individuals may ask for a minimal re-homing fee not to exceed $50. (Individuals have the option of asking for a donation in any amount to be made to a non-profit 501(c) animal welfare organization of their choice, and which must be specified in the post.)

Questions are encouraged and should be expected. If you aren’t willing to answer legitimate questions, than this probably isn’t the page for you.

Be respectful of others. We are all passionate about animals and discussions can get heated – please think twice before you post. And apologize ….. you don’t need to apologize for your beliefs, but if your words or tone come across harsh or are taken the wrong way, apologize.

Anyone may post here. However, we do require that only authorized rescues\shelters use the terms rescue, shelter and foster home. (Other can still post here, they just need to refrain from using those terms.) Authorized rescues\shelters must be licensed according to the rules of their home state.

No graphic, no urgent and no hard sell posts.

Posts related to fundraising will be limited to 501(c) animal welfare organizations. Please – only one active post per organization at a time. We do ask that this be limited to Illinois organizations or those headquartered in communities immediately bordering Illinois.

Puppies and kittens must be at least 8 weeks old before they are separated from their mother. Posts will not be allowed for kittens or puppies younger than 8 weeks.

Any member blocking any of the admin will be banned from the group.

Pet related business activities must comply with Illinois Department of Agriculture licensing and\or permit requirements.