All I ask is be respectful of others and delete your items, once... sold. If you're working from a phone and can't delete, just ask and someone will gladly delete it for you. Our job is not to bust your chops but to keep things flowing so you don't have to search through items which have already sold.. enjoy! Don't forget to put your price and more importantly location this group is covering a much larger area than a single county.Please only bump posts once every 24 hours. Thanks and enjoy.post price and location and use common sense.
REMINDERNo selling of guns or ammo on this site. This is facebooks rule not ours.No matter how clever you think you are with the wording,we can't have anyone risk getting this group shut down because of guns. Do not post guns or ammo on here or we have to delete post. And you put your own Facebook account at risk. Facebook will suspend your account it's a guarantee. I have seen many gun groups get shut down and several people have had their Facebook account suspended. Please don't risk getting this group being shut down. Thank you, and remember we didn't make this rule, Facebook did!!! See More