Man Cave Rummage Sale ND/MN

Alright you hefty shoppers, ...this group is called Man Cave for a reason. In this group please only post stuff men would like, be interested in, or you think they could use. DO NOT post baby, girly, and porno (not allowed) in this group, if you well... you will get the boot. I am sure are all looking to have a good time and enjoy seeing things to let our men have in their rooms that is will be out of our site (hopefully). There will be rules just like any other group we are in.

PLEASE POST LOCATION since this is a ND/MN site.

RULE #1: NO BULLSHIT ON THIS PAGE! yep that's right.. no drama what so ever. well simply stated your butt will be banned and i will gladly do it. :)

#2. DELETE your post after it has been sold. If you cant delete it tell me and i will delete it for you. if i see it has been sold and you did not contact me i will give you ample warnings to do so before i delete it and you will be deleted. nobody wants to try and bid on something when it already has been sold. Plus it just takes up more space for other items.

#3. ONLY MANLY things will be allowed on here. Again as I have stated before no girly, baby, porno or anything else that is not related to guys will be posted. If you are looking for something non guy you may post but if you are selling something non guy it may not be posted. I will delete it if I see it.

#4. When posting please put where your from since this is a ND/MN page. Some people may not want to drive that far or you may be able to work something out. List location in main ad not in comments.

#5. Must list some type of price to start. If a item goes OBO keep your bidding realistic. Please list a amount of increase that is also realistic.

#6. PLEASE tell people about this group. MORE people + More things = Better chance at finding your treasure and getting rid of things that are just taking up space.

#7. Things that are just plain rude are: no calls no shows, if you cant make it tell them right away. If you have their number text them or call, it only takes 5 seconds and it keeps that person off your butt and calling you out. DON'T try selling/buy other things on other peoples post again its RUDE! make your own post or private message them.

#8. DON'T KEEP A conversation going on a post.. its called private messaging.

#9. BUMPING is only allowed once a 24 hour period! This rule will be followed and no questions asked.

#10. This site is not for pets. If you have a pet that you are trying to sell or give away then go to a pet site for that. The only pets that are allowed are guard dogs or hunting dogs. Farm animals are different from a pet so they are ok to be on the page.


Well I hope i didn't forget anything, if I did please let me know..

LETS ALL HAVE FUN, and enjoy this page. :)