The NEW New Forum for Classical Singers Group (NFCS)

A REAL Group for Classical Singers

Before you click the button to join this group, ask yourself one question! Are you easily offended? Because this group is unregulated and can be full contact at times. It is populated with some self described twatwaffles, cocksnackers, douchnozzles, fucktards, assclowns and even from time to time... a Bunch of Cunts! So if the occasional vulgar language will offend you... PLEASE DON'T ASK TO JOIN!!

With that said, you will also find this to be an amazing resource regarding the business of singing! People are generous with their expertise but can be impatient if you haven't bothered to do any of the work yourself. We won't be holding hands and singing "Kumbaya" but you will find more practical information here than you got in school. Of course, there's a lot of crap to sift through!

We expect that you are either in or aspiring to be in the field of opera/classical music. If you are admitted, please take a moment to say hello and introduce yourself. It's not required, but it is polite!

If you are not admitted, it's because there is nothing on your profile that tells us you have anything to do with opera/classical music. If we have reached that conclusion in error, contact us if you can or ask a friend who is in the group to vouch for you.

The Management