Newport News Trash and Treasure

Newport News Trash and Treasure

This is a group for Newport News residents (and surrounding areas) to sell or trade things they no longer use. So much fun... JOIN TODAY

THESE ARE THE RULES ESTABLISHED BY THE ADMIN (from the original Gloucester Trash and Treasure... Jennifer Wilmoth Donnelly)


1.Be kind! No harassing or bullying will be tolerated! Violators of this rule will automatically be removed and banned from the group.

2.You may post as many items for sale at a time as you wish

However, going along with rule number 2, you may only bump your own post 2 times a day

3.To prevent one person from flooding the wall, you may only bump up to 4 items at one time. If you are selling more than 4 items you must wait at least 2 hours before bumping up the next set of 4 and so forth.

4. Local businesses and people with certain specialties (bow making, picture taking etc) may advertise here but the same rule of only bumping twice a day applies to these posts as well.This means promote the items you sell but NO Business Ventures or Recruiting!!!!!

5.Other people commenting on your items does not count as one of your bumps

6.Remove all posts and pictures once the item has been sold!!!! Help keep this site up to date and clean!

7. No sending out mass event messages to the group. If you are having an event such as a yard sale or a fundraiser please post information about it onto the group wall! Offenders will be warned once and then removed from the group if it continues happening

8. Pictures must be in a member's album. Please only one album per member. Pics not in an album, and multiple albums will be deleted!!! Please remove each picture once the item is sold. I will leave up the group albums for anyone who would rather use those..thank you all :)."

9. There must be a location in your profile so we know you are actually local. No location, no membership.

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