Phoenix Legit Auto Sales

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to a group where you can see the vehicles that we have to offer. The vehicles posted here are all driven and tested throughly myself or Rafael Gomez. We hate to see when hardworking people get screwed over for their money and thats why we decide to take over the sale of only reliable, reasonably priced vehicles that we ourselves test out. The vehicles we sell are consigned over to us, belonging mostly to individuals like you, repo and finance companies and sometimes even dealerships ( If they are reasonable and priced right) All vehichles posted are only vehicles we've seen and tested in person. All cars posted are marked Sold in comment section once sold. We can do partial financing if you have a downpayment of half the value of the car ! It's convenient low interest rate and low monthly payments with no penalty if you want to pay the car off faster. More details through facebook message or in person when you are checking out one of our nice cars !. Browse through our page and check regularily as we take over the sale of cars daily ! If you have a car or vehicle that you'd like help selling also contact me (Daniel Abarca, Admin) I'll meet up with you and hopefully help you sell your car depending on it price condition etc We like providing people with an honest service to where you drive off happy with the car you buy :D
Any known issues with the cars are disclosed to buyers, if the vehicles do have issues it'd only be something minor that can be resolved ir deducted off asking price. Vehicles are sold in "as is" condition, and are considered private party sales since we arent a dealership. We offer an optional 6 month warranty on any car for only $500 more than the asking price. We strive to find you something you want and that fits your families need. If interested in any vehicle contact myself (Daniel Abarca) or Rafael Gomez. Feel free to go through out group to see posts, comments and reviews; see for yourself what people have to say about us ! Thank you