Pay it forward ~ Western suburbs of Adelaide

Pay it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary o...f a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor.


First off, this is a free Community Group. We are not an organisation or a business, just a Group of people who all share the same interest, to help when we can.

We are primarily a Western Suburbs Group as this is not just an Online Community but an Offline one also.

"A strong community benefits the individual, the community as well as the greater society. People of all ages who feel a sense of belonging tend to lead happier and healthier lives, and strong communities create a more
stable and supportive society"

Reading through the Files list is important as it outlines the types of things we do, and do not, allow on the Group.

Kind Regards, Kristy and Scott.

Group Posting Email:
[email protected]

Spread the love! You will feel amazing for it :)


Admins: Scott Donor
Moderators: Paula Dolan, Deanna Jacqueline Velthuizen


Files List:

- Common Courtesy Guidelines
- Frequently Asked Questions
- Local Businesses/Services
- Financial/Food Assistance
- Animal Shelters/Rescue Groups
- Domestic Violence Helplines/Services
- Pay it Forward Working Bees Explained
- Pay it Forward Community Items Explained

We also have a very helpful member who uploads files in regard to different specials/deals at places like Coles/Foodland etc :-)


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Saturday, September 20th 2014, 7:44pm.

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Wednesday, December 24th 2014.

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Monday, January 26th 2015.

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